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Hill Climb Racing Tips & Tricks

Hill Climb Racing Tips and Tricks

Hill Climb Racing has been around for quite a while but there are still some players who find it challenging. It’s because this title differs from other racing games. Instead of focusing on speed and velocity, its whole concept revolves around physics. It steers away from the usual formula and creates its own unique experience. Fortunately, we prepared a few tips and tricks so you can get a jump start on your uphill racing journey.

Overcome The Steepest Mountains In Hill Climb Racing

To get you started in your uphill journey with Newton Bill, we’ve prepared a few tips and tricks of what you can do to make your adventure easier. Hill Climb Racing is filled with fun yet equally challenging tracks that might leave you frustrated sooner or later. So take a look at the itemized list before you rev up your jeep’s engine.

Hill Climb Racing Tips

  1. How to avoid flipping your vehicle – This is one of the most common problems that first-time players encounter. To steer clear from this, slow down your vehicle by using your brakes when you reach a huge bump on the road. Keep in mind, hitting the brakes hard can also cause your jeep to flip!
  2. Upgrade wisely – To overcome tougher race courses, you’ll need to buff your vehicle. Doing so costs resources– so it’s best to choose which car parts to prioritize. It’s highly encouraged to upgrade the engine and tires first, then move on to the 4WD, handling, and suspension.
  3. Don’t hesitate to spend – Coins are the main currency in Hill Climb Racing. Use these to upgrade your vehicle, unlock new cars, and open new stages. Although they are limited resources, you can always earn more by performing special tricks.
  4. Mind your fuel – Every vehicle you own runs on fuel. You can grab them while racing on the tracks. Refuel as soon as you see it– as it’s game over for you if you run out.
  5. Throttle when necessary – Handle steep climbs and go down smoothly by timing your throttle right. Driving safely will help your vehicle last longer. Take it slow at first and when you get the feel of the terrain, then switch into high gear.

Put The Tips To The Test On Your PC

So there you have it. The list above is just a few tips to give you a head start in Hill Climb Racing. Test them out by downloading the game on your PC now! Unlock improved full-screen graphics and customizable key-maps. You wouldn’t have to pay a single cent for it too! All you need to do is hit that “Play for Free” button and you’re good to go!