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Hill Climb Racing Tips & Cheats To Be a Pro in The Game

Hill Climb Racing is one of the most eccentric games for racing enthusiasts out there. It was released in September 2012 by Fingersoft, and it’s a physics-based racing game featuring Newton Bill, an aspiring uphill racer. But he’s racing not just on any hills, but through various uphill circuits that seem impossible. And you need to help Newton achieve his goals!

If you think you’re ready to embark on a journey with Newton Bill, then it’s time to play Hill Climb Racing. At the same time, you get to collect coins, gain bonuses, and upgrade your car to better ones that will fare well in the uphill fields! Reach higher distances without flipping Newton’s car and breaking his neck.


How To Become Better At Uphill Racing

If you want to surpass levels and become a pro at this game, below are some of the best tips you must remember:

Don’t Flip the Car

There will be times that you might flip your car, such as when you’re climbing a very steep hill. If you accelerate and don’t slow down in time, your vehicle will most likely flip. Prevent that from happening by stepping on the brake pedals slowly and then accelerating to pass the hill more fluidly. Take it nice and easy when you press the brakes because it can also make you flip forward.

Select the Right Kind of Upgrades

The upgrades are like power-ups in Hill Climb Racing. You will need these upgrades to help you get to the next level. And choosing the right upgrade depends on the level that you’re racing in. For example, racing in incredibly steep inclines means you might want to invest in your car’s engine to help get you to steeper hills.

You might also want to upgrade your tires to help you gain more traction. If you want to have better handling, you can also upgrade your car’s suspension and 4WD. But it’s best to focus on all attributes.

Always Grab the Fuel Cans

The red canisters that you see in the tracks are fuel, which will help you finish the level. Make sure to collect them, especially if you can see that your fuel level is very low. If you want to complete the course, then you need to refill with fuel cans you can find scattered in the uphill tracks. Remember, you don’t want to run out of gas in the middle of the game, or else you lose.

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Understand What Upgrades Do

Knowing what the upgrades can do will change your gameplay. An improved engine will increase power, which helps you climb steep hills more easily. It will also improve the overall speed boost.

Investing in Suspension will improve shock absorption and stability during high speeds while making the car more stable during bumps. If your car is out of control during high leaps, it’s time to upgrade it. At the same time, Tires need to be upgraded for better traction and power delivery on the ground. Finally, 4WD plays a massive role in the game because it results in better vehicle handling.

Where to Spend Coins

Coins are the currency in Hill Climb Racing, and these are mostly used for upgrades. But apart from upgrades, you can use coins to buy new vehicles and unlock new courses. You can try racing in new landscapes and environments, where you can do special tricks to make even more money. Grab more coins by grabbing plenty of airtime and grinding the levels for coins.

Avoid Holding the Throttle at Full Speed

In general, it’s never a good idea to hold your throttle down, especially at full speed. So, you’ll want to use the right amount of throttle while ensuring that your vehicle can handle the steep climbs. At the same time, it must cruise down smoothly while going downhill. It will help you conserve your car and make it last longer to finish the level.

Enjoy New Beginnings

Unlocking a new stage will always make you feel good. So, try to spend your dough every once in a while on new landscapes. It’s an excellent chance for you to showcase your skills in Hill Climb Racing!

Race Now!

Uphill racing is one of the hardest types of racing out there. If you want to become a pro and help Newton Bill reach his dreams, take note of the tips above and get ready to race!