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Hill Climb Racing Gets a New Map in the Latest Update

With over half a billion installs since its inception, Hill Climb Racing is indeed one of the most iconic 2D stunt racing games. Hill Climb Racing comes from Fingersoft, know for its Garage Empire idle tycoon game. The game features straightforward gameplay mechanics that are easy to learn yet challenging to master.

However, the main selling point of the game comes from its garage filled with iconic vehicles along with a decent selection of challenging maps designed for one thing, which is to test your stunt driving skills.


Hill Climb Racing Giant Mosquito


Hill Climb Racing Updates

A new update made its way into the game recently, and it contains a surprise. Hill Climb Racing’s Update version 1.48.1 brings a new challenge into the game with the Bogland Map. As the map’s title suggests, Bogland is a muddy track lined with stone slabs and littered with deep potholes.

The highly detailed map comes complete with an eerie background with dying trees and a giant inanimate crow. One of the most notable elements in the game is the giant mosquito that sucks the fuel on an idle vehicle.

The catch in the game is that if your car gets stuck on the map, you must find a way to keep moving before the giant mosquito arrives. Once the giant mosquito gets ahold of your vehicle, you have no choice but to succumb to its sucking power since your fuel will be sucked in seconds.

The Bogland Map

This map is unlockable if you have 1.5 million coins to spare. It is also one of the two levels in 2020; the other is the Space Mission, which came out during the first quarter of 2020. The Space Mission Level costs 1.5 million coins and presents a new type of challenge that defies gravity laws.

Unlike the regular missions, Space Mission utilizes planets for racetracks, making the game look more like space or planet-hopping. After the Space Mission launch, the next update or patch modestly contained a single item called the luxury car.

Luxury Car

The luxury car is a custom-made gold vehicle that comes with its tub at the back. Besides, the car comes with two passengers lounging at the tub that throw-in extra coins towards the vehicle’s front. This unique piece of transport can be yours for 2 million coins, a ridiculously high price for a car in the game.


Hill Climb Racing Level 42


Nevertheless, once you get used to it, the Luxury Car is an excellent gold digging machine. In which case, you can earn coins twice as much compared to other vehicles in the game. In other words, the car can return your capital in no time at all as long as you do not drop your passengers. The luxury car is also a great vehicle to use, especially if you have yet to finish updating your vehicles.

It has been almost a decade since the launch of Hill Climb Racing, but the game remains to have many followers/players across the globe. The game’s sequel Hill Climb Racing 2 is way behind the game’s total fans with just over 100 million installs. The fantastic performance in terms of downloads is reason enough for its developers to dish out new content from time-to-time.

Hill Climb Racing Takeaway

So, if you are looking for a new challenge, then Hill Climb Racing is a good choice. The best part is that you can download and install this highly immersive game on your PC by clicking on this page’s Play-for-free button. Or, try to visit the how-to-play page and learn some techniques on playing the game here! So what are you waiting for? Jump into the vehicle of your choice, challenge your friends, and become the king of Hill climb racing today.