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Hill Climb Racing: Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need to Know About Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a unique experience in itself. It’s a mix of wacky fun and daunting challenges. The physics-based mechanics surely sets it apart from other titles. And yet the details about its mechanics aren’t on the front page. You’ll have to experience it for yourself to fully realize the fun it brings. But for those wary of this uphill racing title, we’ve written down some of those details so you’ll know what to expect.

It’s All About The Physics For Newton Bill

Hill Climb Racing is a game that will make you realize how difficult it is to play a physics-based game. Speed and velocity won’t matter if you’re up against the force of gravity. Your task is to fulfill Newton’s dream of becoming the best uphill racer in the world. Both of you will dare race across multiple, atrocious terrains–the likes you’ve never seen before. You’ll end up traveling on ruins, former battlefields, and even a Nuclear Power Plant! Nothing will stop Newton and it’s your job to keep him safe.

Hill Climb Racing Free PC Game

You need to make sure his vehicle doesn’t flip over while avoiding obstacles along the way. You can also impress the audience with some neat tricks as you climb hills and jump over holes. Master the laws of physics and become the eye candy of the entire world!

A Wide Selection Of Upgradeable Rides

You’re also tasked in making sure that Newton has the right vehicle for the job. You’ll first start with his trusty jeep– but it won’t help him in the long run. You’ll need to buy new vehicles– and you must utilize them in the best possible way. You can beef it up by upgrading the automobile. Prioritize your upgrades as it can make or break Newton’s perilous journey.

Pick Up Where You Left Off with Autosave

A great adventure is one that keeps on moving forward. In Hill Climb Racing, you don’t need to worry about starting from scratch every time you take a break. The game features autosave and will record your last journey the moment you exit the game. It’s always important to get a bit of rest in preparation for the next race. So don’t be shy to leave Newton for a while. He’ll miss you, but he knows you’ll come back.

So now that you’ve got a closer look at the game, maybe it’s time to grab your keys, rev up the engine and begin your uphill racing adventure. It’s best experienced on the PC too! It comes with enhanced full-screen graphics and customizable controls! You’ll definitely get the best out of the game when you download and play our free PC version. So hit that “Play For Free” button and start racing!