How to Play Hill Climb Racing: Basic PC Game Features

Racing is a fun, thrilling experience. It takes you on a unique adventure unlike no other. It’s also equally dangerous with a huge potential for injury. Newton Bill doesn’t care about that though. All he wants is to be the best uphill racer in the world! And he’s prepared to go on every road, any kind of terrain to make that happen. Hill Climb Racing takes you on a journey on abandoned ruins, exciting battlegrounds, and more! The best part of this uphill racing campaign is that you can play it on PC for free!

Playing Hill Climb Racing On PC

Downloading this unique title on your desktop or laptop rig is super easy! You just need to hit the “Play For Free” button on this page, click the downloaded executable file, follow the on-screen installation instructions, and once that’s done, you’re good to go! You’ll need a stable internet connection before you begin the download process. You will also get access to improved full-screen graphics and fully customizable key-maps! Start your physics-based uphill race in the best possible way! And that is playing the game on your PC!

Our PC game version is optimized to run on low specs PC smoothly. You don’t need to have an overpowered gaming rig just to get the best gaming experience! Control customization is easy too! Just press F1 to bring out the menu and click the pencil button on the bottom right corner of your screen. You can then map the controls to your chosen keys!



Hill Climb Racing Full PC Game Features

The game is different from other racing games. While most titles in this genre rely on speed and velocity, Newton Bill relies on physics. Your task is to help him overcome obstacles through gravity as he rides through various hills and dangerous obstacles.

You’ll also have access to numerous vehicles Newton can use. Some automobiles are locked behind a paywall– which you can unlock by spending coins. Your first ride, however, is Newton’s trusty old red jeep. Once you rev up your engine, you will then choose the map you’ll race in. Like any game, you’d start first with the easy ones– and as you progress, you’d unlock the more challenging race tracks. The game also incorporates challenges where it rewards you with coins. In fact, some of these objectives change daily– offering a unique experience every time you play.

Hill Climb Racing’s game mechanics are quite simple. Race around the terrain, avoid obstacles, collect coins and diamonds to unlock more fun content! One thing you have to keep in mind, however, is the gas meter. Like most cars, your jeep runs on gas– and it’s game over if you run out. So be sure to get them as you race across the terrain. Letting your car fly through the air will also score you points. If you’re aiming to be the best uphill racer, you’ve got to beat the competition in every turn!